TrxSys Certified Replicator Node for TrxSys Network


  1. Platform integrity validation. A certified replicator node (CRN) periodically pulls ledger state from TrxSys. That information serves as validation of ledger integrity. Attestation certificates will act as transaction hash collections.
  2. (Not available yet) Replicate transaction to one or more replicators. Users of TrxSys can replicate to a CRN for transactions that they own or are permissioned to.
  3. To provide operational continuity in the event of failure of TrxSys. In the event of a shutdown of TrxSys, users of TrxSys could "repatriate" transactions that they own or are permissioned to into one or more CRNs.
Ledger State

TrxSys Ledger State is our attestation of the integrity of the TrxSys network.


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